The Natural Hair Intensifying Way April 25 2014

For human hair, there are a few problems related to the current time which are extremely common: Loss of Keratin from the upper protective layer in the hair Premature ageing of hair that shows predominantly Balding of the scalp among the people working under hot sun Loss of confidence among youngsters who are rejected owing to their balding looks Hair Thinning that slowly becomes genetic after a few generations in...

Using Hair Gel, Hair Spray Or Hair Oil April 25 2014

By now, it is well established that the use of Hair Plus as an effective hair building fibre technique proves to be easier than anything else. The 30 seconds wait leads to the surprising results which certainly exceed your expectations. The hair fibres get the intensity that the hair essentially wants. As expected of a leading hair fibre brand in UK, hair plus works on the hair fibers better than...

Hair Loss, Keratin And Hair Plus April 21 2014

Do you know why do you lose your hair so frequently? There may be a hundred reasons to this. It may be the ever increasing pollution, the work mannerism, the carelessness, routine tensions or simply genetic effects that may be taking away your hair fibres off your scalp. Do you know what can help you with this? It is Keratin. These are the fibrous Protein structures which form the upper...

Understand The Secret Of Hair Building Fibre April 21 2014

You have heard about the product, tested it on you and found that hair building fibre does wonders with your existing hair fibre. It is all just great. But are you curious to know what makes these added hair fiber components s compatible with human hair, when the other similar products have failed in attempts? The secret lies in Gossypium herbaceum, which is commonly called Levant cotton or cotton plant...

Hair Plus Offers An Effective Formulation For Thinning Hair April 01 2014

The hair thinning problem can be really disturbing beyond an extent. From the scalp full of hair, it does not take much longer to reach the stage when there are few hair strands, couple of hair and the no hair at all. If the hair loss is evident, it is necessary to take relevant precautions as soon as you can with no delay. Retaining the hair fibres which are left...

Hair Building Fibre Mechanism Explained April 01 2014

The sub-Saharan region in Africa is known for its dense forests and variety of wild plants. Recently, there was a species of cotton plant found in the area which is rare and exotic, confined within Sahara. This cotton plant called ‘gossypium herabceum’ was a valuable discovery. It was found to have the fibre which resembled human hair fibre in properties. These fibres reflected the light in the same manner. These...
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