Save A Score On All Products June 26 2014

Everything above 25 pounds is going to save you 20%, and this applies on all the products! This is the seasonal bonanza from hair products giant Hair Plus, and a call to all of its customers to hurry up and start ordering the products. Hair Plus is not a new name to be introduced. Their leading hair product brand in UK is quite revolutionary with hair building fibre mechanism. This...

Reap The Hair Naturally While The Sale Is On! June 16 2014

The summer sale on all the Hair Products is on! This is a call for the customers to hurry up, because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Check the attractive discounts, amazing range of colours and the various package sizing to fit your needs. With Hair Plus superior formulation of Hair Building Fibre, all you need to have is your pick of the product, the rest is all taken care by...

If You Prefer Instant Hair Growth June 06 2014

There are different ways to deal with hair loss. One common cure is with the Steroid consumption. Steroid tablets and injections boost up the hair growth, and has been a popular way since many years that went past. However, there are some serious side effects if you go with this strategy. The redness and the itching of scalp are very common symptoms, when Steroid causes the adverse effect. If the...

Hair Building Fibre Spring Sale June 04 2014

  Summer is coming- It's the time to go out! In the best season for outdoor sport why not stock up on our fantastic HAIR PLUS® - strong bonding force between fibres and your hair. It withstands to sweat wind and rain. Enjoy a 15% & 20% discount that we have never given before.  15% Off on all products Code: Hot15 20% Off on any orders over£25 Code: Hot20 Free worldwide delivery Limited time special saving offer. It is completely undetectable! Order now and build up...

Your Favourite Hair Building Fibre In 8 Exciting Colours! May 22 2014

You heard about the benefits of Hair Building Fibre and tested the product with your existing hair fibre. The product worked great and you recommended that to a few of your friends. All of them had different hair textures, varying hair lengths and very attractive yet different hair colours. How could each of them use the same product with similar results?  It could have been a problem some time back...

Hair Fibre Issues More Specific In UK May 20 2014

UK being a cold nation enjoys plenty of weather and awesome sights. But the persistent cold brings in a lot of problems, most of which are chronic too. One such health problem is Asthma, the prolonged sustenance of which leads to hair fall. This is very common in UK and other colder regions. To grow the lost hair back, medical experts use steroids either in the form of injections or...
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